Just what is W3C Validation? Here is a short definition. “World Wide Web Consortium, an international consortium of companies involved with the Internet and the Web. The W3C was founded in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee, the original architect of the World Wide Web. The organization’s purpose is to develop open standards so that the Web evolves in a single direction rather than being splintered among competing factions. The W3C is the chief standards body for HTTP and HTML.”

Most websites do not comply with W3C standards which is why alot of websites do not display the way they should on browsers. But how do you know if your website is valid or not? The way to find out is to run your site through W3C Validator which is a free tool for the public to use. Just put in your domain name (always start with www) and click validate, if the page comes back red this means that you failed validation and a list of all the errors on your website will be displayed below. If it comes back green well then you have passed validation.

What is the advantage of having your website valid?

A website built to comply with the W3C Standards make web documents more accessible to all types of users and machine agents, and more visible to search engines. Rankings are often dramatically higher, and in no case have we seen rankings drop after conversion to standards. Likewise, the summary information provided by the search engine is more likely to display meaningful content from the document.

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