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Page Rank Update 6-3-2010

Today seems to be the day, Google has rolled the Page Rank update in the Google toolbar and for the most part things have stayed the same over here. We saw an increase for one of our pages but this really isn’t an increase because that page has always had page rank but  for some reason Google dropped it. Our Seattle SEO Forum went from N/A to PR0, nothing special about that but at least it is being recognized. Google backlinks have also been updated and we saw a little increase for that as well.

Well now that things have been updated it’s time to get back to work, we plan to get a little more aggressive over the next few updates, one thing we haven’t been doing lately is really trying to beef up the site, but everything is about timing. We have added a links but nothing major just yet so we plan to change that over the next few months. We have made some changes to the site which should help make this site a little stronger, of course Google always takes their time when it comes to giving you credit for the changes, but that’s ok, there really is no rush.

Anyway, we hope you saw a nice increase for your site this update, if not, just keep working at it. Here is some food for thought: Google’s Page Rank update is at least a month and a half behind so be careful if you are out there buying links, make sure you have things timed just right, if you do so then you could see a nice jump in Page Rank.

As always, thanks for reading, and may the serps be with you.

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