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Edge Rank vs Search Engine Optimization

Now here is something that I find to be pretty funny. It appears that a new term is trying to surface it’s way into the search engine marketing world.  Alex Chang a member of Active Rain wrote a post about Edge Rank and how  it will basically take over SEO through the power of Facebook. Here is a quick glance at what he believes is the next big thing: Read more…

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Google TV Is Here

It seems like every time I check the news Google has come out with some new product. Will these guys ever stop? Most likely not, but anyway. Today Google officially announced Google TV at its Google I/O conference. At first I thought this was a little silly for them do but the  more I look at it the  more it makes sense. After all, it is alot easier to find stuff  on the web then it is using your cable box.  Google says that Google TV is not meant to replace your cable or satellite box, but work alongside it. I guess that is a relief for now, but you can bet that Google TV will find a way to compete, that’s just what they do. With companies like Logitech, Intel and Sony hooking up with Google TV to make this happen I’m sure we are going to see pretty nice devices to go along with the Google TV interface.

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