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Using Similar Pages To Find Links

I haven’t talked to much about link building so I want to take this time to show you a fairly simple tactic for gaining some relevant links.  Those of you who have been doing SEO for awhile will most likely already be familiar with this but I’m posting this for the newbies. As you may know google has a feature embedded into to the Google toolbar which allows you see web pages that are similar to your website. So for example, if your site is about “hair care products” then Google will most likely show sites in your niche which are also related to hair care products.

In order to see the pages that are similar to yours simply click on the drop down menu under Page Rank and select “Similar Pages” .similar pages

Once you click on it one of two things are going to happen, Google will either show you sites similar to yours or they will not. If they do then this is good news. Now that you have a list of websites related to your niche you can simply email these sites and ask for a possible link exchange.

Depending on the market you are in you might only get a list of sites which are nothing but your competitors, I know, it sucks, but if you do get these kind of results then what you can do is simply click on one of your competitors site and then run the same check. You’ll most likely find a few sites that you are not competing against but are still pretty much in the same market.

I have to admit that it might take awhile to find a few of those hidden gems, but if you look close enough you are sure to find a few that are willing to link to you or swap links. Well there  you have it, see how easy that is to do. As always, thanks for reading, and may the serps be with you.

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