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MSN Gets A Makeover

Microsoft has rolled out a redesign of the MSN website and have also included a new butterfly logo to go with it. Microsoft says the redesign is MSN’s most significant in more than a decade and that “The simplicity of the design is really based on feedback from our customers and looking at traffic on our sites.” The new site has half as many blue links, features tabbed browsing and integrates with Facebook and Twitter. The reduced home-page links will be augmented by the deeper integration of Bing search technology.

Personally I think the new design is a little boring and does not have the professional feel of a corporate website. Although the old site was a little crowed it still had a pretty good feel to it, the new one looks like it was designed by a few rookies. But hey, this is Microsoft so I guess it works for them, but the comments regarding the new design have not been in their favor. Most feel that the site should have stayed the way it was, after all if it ant broke then why mess with it right?

In either case it looks like we will be stuck with this new design for the next 10 years or until Microsoft realizes that this was not the best move they have made in regards to the website. But if you haven’t seen the new design feel free to check it out at MSN.com. As always thanks for reading.

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