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The Future of SEO

I’ve come across a really good article in regards to the future of SEO and the statistics behind it. If you have never heard of Lee Odden then now is a good to time to get to know him and the awesome articles he writes on the Toprankblog. In his most recent article he sheds light on the value of SEO and debunks the theory that SEO has no value.

Here is quick quote from the article: “To dismiss SEO with the kinds of negative characterizations as have been published from time to time over the past few years and especially recently is not only an insult to competent Search Marketing consultants, but to the companies that hire them. Plus, it’s simply not true.”

You know it is funny to me how so many people try to down play SEO and it’s value, clearly those who say such things are saying so because they are either struggling with their own SEO campaigns or they are just trying to get people to buy into some new form of marketing scheme which for the most part will nothing to help their clients see a higher return. We all know that there are some shady SEO’s in the field but that does not mean that SEO is worthless.

Anyway, I’ll let Lee help you remove the scales from your eyes if you are one of those who feel that SEO has no future in the world of online marketing. You can read the full article here: The Truth About SEO. As always, thanks for reading and may the serps be with you.

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