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Networking In Today's Market

Has networking become a lost art in today’s market?  I certainly think so and several business professionals certainly can agree. In an age where the internet can be the single lifeline of a business and the  pitfall of not having a internet presence can be tasted in the mouth’s of  investors who underestimated today’s market and what would be called” the changing of the guard” from old age advertising tactics like the phone book ad which died out in the stone age, to the new space age in which everybody is on the internet from the wife trying to find a new yoga spot and juice bar,the kids who want to find when the new Halo comes out , to granny wanting to find a new  local bingo hall.

Having an internet presence is a must in order to get your customers in front of your product , unless you have a 35 million dollar advertising budget like Mc Donald’s  to put your product or services in front of the buying market, you are going to need to have a solid online presence.  Networking is key to pitching your product to customers and what better way to expose that than the internet? For example if you have the best burger spot in town I’m probably going to hear about that through word of mouth, which is still one of, and if not the most effective forms of advertisement. But if I want to buy a house from a local Realtor I’m going to likely look online and click on one of the sites listed on the first page for representatives from my area.

My advice is start a website if you don’t have one and investing in some SEO is key to an online business  because in today’s  competitive market you can’t afford to put all your chips in non strategic locations,  you may have good motives and intent for your business but bad business moves means an unsuccessful business,  and  while your sleeping your competitor is upgrading your ideas into a profitable blueprint for their success .

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