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Yahoo Directory – Does it help?

It seems that more and more people want to know if having a listing in the Yahoo Directory will actually help their site in terms of page rank and serps. This is a solid question, after all Yahoo wants $300 a year in order to stay listed in their directory so for that kind of money there must be some benefit. The truth is that a listing in the Yahoo Directory can in fact help your site, however, like all other links this will depend on where your site is listed in the directory. Naturally if your site is listed on page 30 of the category you submitted to there is not going to be much benefit in regards to page rank and traffic but the link is still good. So what are the benefits? Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of being listed in this directory.

Page Rank
One thing I have noticed about the Yahoo Directory is that if you can get your site listed within the first 10 pages of your chosen category then their is a pretty good chance that you will get some page rank juice, all other pages after that seem to drop to pr0, this isn’t true for all of the categories but most of the ones I have looked at tend to follow this format. So the trick here is to try and get listed in a category that does not have alot of listings, but this easier said then done, mainly because your site must be relevant to the category that you want to get listed under. The other thing is that there is no guarantee that your site will be approved for that category, the person doing the review might think that your site is better off in a different location. You can request for your site to be moved to a different category but this most likely will not happen, Yahoo is very picky about which sites are placed where, but if you really feel that it should be listed in a different category then go for it. So when it comes to getting some page rank juice from Yahoo it is pretty much a hit or miss but it is possible.

Now when it comes to getting traffic from the Yahoo Directory I really have not seen any benefit from it, the only way that your site is going to get good traffic is if your listed in a category that does not have alot of other sites listed. Your best shot at getting traffic from this directory is to get listed in the sponsored results which appear at the top of the category, but doing this is going to cost you more money so you will have to decide if this is something you want to put in the budget. Some claim that they get tons of traffic from the Yahoo Directory without being listed in the sponsored results, this might be true for them but it does not mean that your site will get the same results. So the bottom line is that there is some traffic benefit but again this is pretty much a hit or miss, but it is possible.

Yahoo Rankings
Without question if you have a listing in the Yahoo Directory then you are going to rank better in the search engines, mainly in Yahoo and maybe even Bing since the two companies have a business relationship. You might get a boost in Google as well. The down side to this is that although you will most likely get a boost in the Yahoo search results that boost will only be based on the anchor text you have chosen for your listing. If the anchor is not relevant to the search query then you can expect your site to be listed some where in the back. The problem here is that you really have no control of the anchor text that Yahoo is going to display, this is also reviewed when you submit your site and there is no guarantee that Yahoo will approve the anchor that you want. For example, if you use “Web Directory” as your anchor then there is a pretty good chance that this is going to be rejected. However, if you use something like “Romow Web Directory” then this going to be alot harder to reject since it is the name of the website and is a 100% relevant to the category. So there is some ranking benefit from having a listing but like every thing else there are certain factors that have to come into play in order for your site to rank well.

Link Juice
The biggest advantage to having a listing in the Yahoo Directory is the amount of links you get from being listed. Most do not realize that Yahoo gives you more than just one link when you are approved. Yahoo has a dozen different directories and your site will likely get listed in every single one of them if your lucky. I can’t remember all of them off the top of my head but as it stands right now I have at least 5 links pointing to our directory from other sub directories of Yahoo including uk.dir.yahoo.com and au.dir.yahoo.com. These links are of course placed in their relevant categories and even though the sub directories have alot more links on the page it is still a good link and some of these even have a little page rank on them so to me this is worth the $300 yearly price tag.

After looking at all of the factors above I would say that a listing in the Yahoo Directory is worth the cost, every site has it’s pro and cons and there is not much that can be done about that, but if you want to add a little more authority juice to your site then I think you should invest the few dollars required to get listed. Now here is one more tip that some may not know about, if you have been listed in the directory for over a year and have a pretty good site there is a chance that you may not have to keep paying the yearly fee, Yahoo is known for letting some sites stay listed even though they have not paid the bill, so keep that in mind as well.  You can submit your site to the Yahoo Directory here:  Yahoo! Directory Submit. As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. October 6th, 2009 at 13:40 | #1

    About the link juice – I’m going to guess that the duplicate listings in the Regional directories are likely ignored. 😉

    Without a doubt, I still feel that Yahoo Directory is a worthwhile submit.

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