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Start Your Own Web Directory

It seems that web directories will never die, every day new ones pop up all over the internet. Sadly most of these will fall by the wayside, but this will not stop people from wanting to create them. The are alot of things one needs to before trying to start a directory. For example, there are some who would prefer to buy a dropped domain which already has page rank and then try to bank on that. Don’t go this route, at least not if you are serious about creating a directory that will last over the years.  You are better off choosing a brand name that webmasters will remember instead of just coming up with a  random domain.

Another factor you will want to consider is the type of directory you want to create. Do you just want to create a general directory that will be open to all websites? What about one that targets a specific niche or product? The possibilities are endless and there is still room for more. With some careful planing and a descent budget there is no reason why you directory can not be successful. I’m not saying that it will be easy, it takes time but it can work if done correctly. So keep those things in mind before you move forward.

With that said, I liked to point you to an article which will guide you in the right direction if you chose to start your own web directory. “How to Start Your Own Web Directory” from Hubpages. As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. September 18th, 2009 at 06:27 | #1

    I think this is a great idea to work on.Thanks for sharing.

  1. October 3rd, 2009 at 07:26 | #1

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