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Different Post Per Page – WP Plugin

Another wordpress plugin that I found to be useful for this site is the Different Post Per Page plugin by MaxBlogPress. This is a real handy tool which allows you to set the amount of post which show up on your category and home page. This worked great for us because I only wanted show one post on the home page but at least 10 or more under the categories and search pages, this tool helped us to that. You can also set the number of post on subcategory pages as well.

To install the plugin upload it to your plugins folder and activate it, the plugin comes with its own setup page which I like. I think the only thing that I do not like that much is the process it takes to activate the plugin and the amount of emails that come after you have registered. The offers are not bad I would just like to less of them. Either way, I think this is a great plugin and worth installing. If you want your category, search pages and archives to each have their set amount of post then this is the tool that will get it done for you.

You can download the lastest version of the plugin here. Enjoy.

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Create A Free Flash Website

Have you ever wanted to build one of those flashy looking websites with all of the cool mouse-overs and animated banners? We all want a nice looking website but we don’t want to pay $1,000’s for it to be designed. Now unless you have some pretty good design skills creating a flash website will not be easy, you will need some of the best web tools on the market in order to create something that will be professional looking as well as user friendly.

But what if you need a website but just don’t have the money that it takes to get all of the tools? Well you are in luck, there is a website called which lets you create high quality flash websites and other web content free of charge. The other cool thing Read more…

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Seattle Signs Edgerrin James

Well it looks like it is official, the Seattle Seahawks have signed Edgerrin James former running back of the Arizona Cardinals and the Indianapolis Colts to a 1 year deal worth $2 million. I think this is a great move for Seattle, we need someone strong and who can get the job done for us this year. I watched alot of James when he was with the Colts so I know he has a good running style, I just hope he can produce that here.

The bad news is that Walter Jones may be out Read more…

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WordPress HTML File Extensions

One of most annoying things I see on websites is when the pages do not end with an seo friendly url, you know the ones than end with numbers or ? marks and kinda look this I just can’t figure out why people don’t take the time to fix this or at least find someone who knows how to fix it for them. When switching this site to the wordpress format I wasn’t sure if you could make the urls end in .html, reason being is because I hadn’t seen any that did, most would just end with say ‘ Now there is nothing with that format but I prefer to have pages end with some kind of file extension.

In wordpress you can write a permalink structure for all post to end in .html, however this does not work if you create Pages, not sure why they set it up that way but that’s just the way it is. So if you want all of your pages and post to end in a .html format then follow the instructions below: Read more…

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Google Caffeine – Test Version

Google’s new search version better known as “Caffeine” is now open to the public for testing.¬†Google says that they are interested in feedback but only want feedback on the differences between Google’s current search results and their new system.

“We’re also interested in higher-level feedback (“These types of sites seem to rank better or worse in the new system”) in addition to “This specific site should or shouldn’t rank for this query.” Engineers will be reading the feedback, but we won’t have the cycles to send replies”.

The new version tends to focus on Read more…

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The SEO Search Game

If there is one thing that I love to do in my spare time, is to do word search puzzles and quiz’s and all those cool things where you have to find hidden answers or bust your brain looking for clues. Well here is one that will bust your brain for sure. The SEO Search Game by Shark SEO is an SEO puzzle that has alot of top notch seo’s well, puzzled. Now at first glance you might think this was some kind of joke, but trust me it isn’t. This is a real puzzle, and the answers for you to move on are for the most part right in front of your face, if you can find them of course. You’ll need to be on top of your SEO skills in order to get through this one. It doesn’t ask many questions, the skill is in finding the answers. There are seventeen questions in total, good luck getting through all them. Read more…

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Do Follow Activated

After hours and hours of trial and error, we were finally able to remove the nofollow tags from the blog. You are free to post comments and get some link luv, however, we do not and will not tolerate spam. It is not a big deal for us to go in and hit the spam button, so don’t waste your time if you plan to just come and leave 2 word comments. Also, you are free to use the anchor text of your choice but please keep them simple. We will not link out to silly MFA sites or porn sites or any other site that holds no true value to viewers. So keep these things in mind before you post a comment.

Why allow do follow? Read more…

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Online Marketing Advisors – Redesigned

We are proud to announce the new design of our website. It has been alot of trial and error working with the wordpress¬† format but we pretty much have everything we need in place. As you can see we have added a blog section to the site, however, we are having trouble removing the nofollow tags from the user comment links as well as the author. We want people to be able to post and get some link love for posting, but until we can figure out how to remove the tags it will have to stay that way for now. Read more…

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The Space Elevator

The 2009 Space Elevator Conference, being held at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington, begins this week. Hundreds of scientists, researchers, and space enthusiasts from all over the world will gather together and brainstorm about the challenges of building an elevator to space.

When I first heard about this idea I thought is was rather silly, after all, what would be the purpose of having an elevator that goes all the way up into space? Of course I am not a science geek and therefore do not fully understand all of the ends and outs or even the benefits that come with it. But according to Read more…

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Web Directory Benefits

A big topic going around right now is the power of a web directory. I quess the main question everyone wants to know is, what is the benifit of being listed in a web directory? A directory listing can have alot of value if the directory is set up in a fashion which would benifit both itself and the sites listed inside of them. But in order to understand how valuable a directory listing can be for your site you need to do a little research on the directory first. Yeah I know that takes time, but it is worth if you plan to invest money in a directory listing. Here are a few things I look for when deciding if it is worth it to submit to a certain directory. Read more…

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