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Welcome to Online Marketing Advisors. We are a growing Seattle SEO Consultant that offers the best in online SEO (search engine optimization) to big and small sized businesses. If you are tired of your website struggling in the search engines and you want more traffic that can convert to sales, our Online Marketing Company has the skills that you are looking for. Check out our packages to learn more about our services.

Just because you build a nice looking website with all the bells and whistles and have the cheapest prices online, it doesn’t mean that your products are about to start flying off the self, people need to find you first. In order for that to happen you need some form of advertising. If you have a website then the best choice of advertising is going to be the search engines. In order to get to the top of the search engines your site needs to be optimized. Online Marketing Advisors uses a marketing strategy that has proven to be affective. Here is a small list of some of the things that we will do to help improve your rankings on the search engines.

Online SEO Services:

1). Keyword Research to to find the most profitable keywords for your business.

2). Directory Listings.

3). Relevant Content Creation

4). Blog Comments.

5). Article Submissions.

6). Social Bookmarking.

7). Link Wheel Creation.

8). And more.

Through our search engine marketing services Online Marketing Advisors – SEO Seattle, will continually work with you to enhance and improve rankings and add new keywords increasing the amount of traffic to your website.

Seattle SEO Company – Goal:

Our goal is to not only become the best Seattle Search Engine Optimization company in the city but we also want to be a source of accurate information. On our Mini Directory page you will find links to some of the greatest sites on the internet . You will find all kinds of helpful links to write ups on how to improve your SEO naturally. How to build your own website using basic templates that are user-friendly and much more. We will also cover the history of SEO and the battle between Google and SEO’s. If you want to try to build your own website then these website’s are perfect for you. You can also get some great search engine optimization and online marketing tips from the articles and videos that we post on the site from time to time.

Online Marketing – Blog:

We also provide some powerful online marketing tips and ideas through our blog to help you push your website to the next level. So if you are looking for top-notch SEM services or just want a few tips to help you rank better in the search engines then this is the right website for you. Have a look at our latest article below.

SmashFund Crowdfunding Platform Is Changing The Rules

SmashFund caught our attention right away! This company takes crowdfunding to a whole new level. We are all used to hearing about Kickstarter and a few others where you can go and put a project online that you need funded and have random people give you money for some recognition or special gifts in return. Some of these gifts would be things like limited editions of your product or something of that nature. People like this type of thing and it makes them feel special that they are helping you and get something rare in return that could be worth money down the line if you hit it big.

This is how I understood crowdfunding to be anyway. What I didn’t know where any of the fees involved in the process. Obviously Kickstarter has to make money somehow and from what I understand is that they get a small percentage (like 2%) of the money donated. This could add up to be huge. Where they also can ding a person is if you set a fundraising goal and you don’t hi it. This helps prevent people just coming in and asking for a million dollars, raising say 100k and then saying they didn’t make it and run off with the cash. I am not clear how much they ding you if you don’t hit your goal, but I do know it is a significant hit. Not a lot of people take this into account when they are considering crowdfunding.

SmashFund takes a whole new approach. They simply charge a monthly fee ($149.00) and you can do whatever you like. There is still a fee on donated money to cover fees and administration, but the hidden penalties are gone. To makes things even sweeter, they have created a referral program that use can use where you can actually make money with their program.

When you sign up, they give you a code. You give this code to other people who want to become part of SmashFund and then they become your “downline”. You make a percentage of money from their monthly fee. They structured the payout from successful MLM companies. A lot of people claim it is a pyramid scheme and a scam, but after looking deeper into the matter, they are on the up and up. One of the best reviews that I read was from this site: They were very open and in-depth with their review and covered pretty much everything you would ever need to know.

I’m excited to see where this company goes from here. If you are interested in signing up for SmashFund, then you will need an invite code which I will pout below. Hope you enjoyed this article!

SmashFund Invite Code: 5741400

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Video Digital Marketing Strategies For 2016

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016

Studies show that video marketing is fast replacing other forms of advertising.  In just 10 short years, more than half the content on the internet is slated to be in video form.  As bandwidth speeds increase, videos will be steamed at higher frequencies, especially from mobile devices.  Plus, the younger generation of internet and cell phone users has demonstrated a preference to watch and listen to their information as opposed to reading it.  It’s now more critical then ever for business owners to use video marketing in their companies.  There’s no one size fits all strategy and it’s up to each business owner to develop a unique approach.  One effective strategy would be to use live streaming apps like Periscope, Snapchat, and Meerkat.  Periscope will allow you to instantly stream live onto the web from anywhere in the world you have cell phone reception.  Once the live steam is completed the video is automatically uploaded to the cloud and posted on Twitter.  Snapchat is currently one of the fastest growing social network on earth and is changing the entire social media landscape.  Snapchat is unique because people can only upload up to 15 second videos.  Plus, videos only stay online for 24 hours and are deleted permanently at that point.  On Snapchat your only as good as your last Snap so it keeps people pushing out content everyday.  Unfortunately, there’s no way within Snapchat to promote your page so you must promote it on the platforms.  This makes growing your page challenging, but once your page is established it’s pure gold for reaching clients.  In social media, the idea is to go where the people are, and the people are definitely on Snapchat.  Over the last couple months I have been building my following and noticed that the engagement rate is very high.  In fact, almost all of my followers view and watch all of my snaps.  This is a great opportunity for me to reach people with content that otherwise wouldn’t be good enough for Instagram or Facebook.  Furthermore, snaps are usually just simple videos or photos about what’s going on in your environment at any given moment.  There’s no reason to only post your best work or hold stuff back, because this is the platform that works best when you update often.  A few popular people I follow will post 20-30 snaps a day sometimes conversing with their follows.  Another social media application that has exploded in popularity lately is Meerkat.  Meerkat is similar to Periscope and allows people to live stream all around the world.  The best part about Meerkat and live stream is people can engage with you while your streaming.  People can respond to you in real time and you can reply in real time making engagement very simple.  If you build up a big enough following with Periscope it will help you push products out into the world.  The biggest problem in every business is obscurity.  This basically means that your product or business is unknown and you need to make it known.  The question then naturally becomes, how do you do this?  In most cases there’s no easy answer and you must do whatever is necessary.  At this point in technological development, social media is no longer optional for business owners.  Social media gives us the unique opportunity to engage people all around the world from wherever we are.  In fact, with social media we can be everywhere in the world at the same time.  At no other point in history did business owners have the opportunity to promote themselves like we do today. digital marketing strategies 2016

One potential video strategy would be to hire a professional company to produce videos for you.  These videos will be more polished and professional then videos filmed with an iPhone, but the downside is you wouldn’t be able to produce as many.  A balanced approach would be to combine a professional video featured on your home page with daily or weekly updates shot with a smart phone.  In my view, it would be a poor strategy to have your primary business video look cheap or homemade.  Although, social networks like Snapchat are perfect for the low quality low budget videos that just give your potential customers a behind the scenes teaser.  If your looking for Portland video production, then you should check out Morrisey Productions.  In the past they have helped us develop creative, broadcast quality, and unique media for our digital marketing company.  These high-quality products are shot in either 1080p or 4k quality which means there perfect for TV commercials or another other larger format.  Remember, when producing a video you should assume that you will use the finished product for a long time, therefore it’s critical to not have any references to dates in the video so it can be used year after year.  If your going to pay $500-$1,000 for a top-quality production it’s best to use it for several years.  In most cases, business owners will make a video and keep it on their homepage for 5+ years.  This same production is also sitting on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and other sharing platforms collecting views and sending traffic to your homepage.   

If you combine those two marketing strategies into your business you will definitely see results.  Over the next decade the business owners who spend money and time on digital marketing will see great results and growth.  Likewise, business owners who fail to realize the importance and power of the internet will be left behind by the next generation of companies.  Experts predict that the power of the internet to influence purchasing decisions is only going to grow over the next decade.  Internet companies have exploded and the majority of the new billionaire class come from tech startups and other online enterprises.  Originally, wealth was created primarily in manufacturing but that’s just not the case nowadays.  While wealth can still be created in manufacturing, the biggest way to create massive money creation is through technology.  Even if your business is not technology based it’s critical to invest in your digital marketing through search engine optimization, video production, and social media. 

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Portland Oregon’s Leading SEO Company

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Portland’s Best SEO Company

Now being as I am an SEO company myself, you would have to know that it is a true compliment for me to mention another. Oregon Web Solutions is definitely one of those companies. I know who they were trained by and there are the best in the nation. Take there local area for example. There are some Portland SEO companies that have been there for 10 years and OWS came in and out ranked them for their own keywords in 6 months! That alone should tell you enough. These guys are the real deal and I am lucky enough to know both Seth and Matt who are the owners.

The world of search engine marketing is tough as if you are not always on your game, you fall off. Things change so much in the world of SEO that every 6 months there is typically a new update and everything changes. This is good because it keeps stale sites and old information from being stuck at the top.

With all of these updates it is even more crucial for you to have a knowledgable search engine optimization company on your side. Now as I do most of my work out of the Seattle area, I don’t mind throwing a few bones to my friends in Oregon. In return, they do the same for me so it is a win win. With that being said, they truly are some of the best. Not just because I know them, because their results speak louder then words.

When you can outrank your competitors in just 6 months, think what they can do for your business!

One thing about Oregon Web Solutions is that they don’t work with just anyone. They have a higher standard of clientele as they only work with a select few to keep quality. For example:

  • You must have an established business (no start ups)
  • They do not promote adult themed material
  • They do not work with get rich quick schemes
  • You must have product of services that you are currently selling
  • You need current paying clients or customers

The reason for the requirements is that they take businesses to the next level. It is not worth your time or theirs to help start ups as they are best with bigger and more established companies. This isn’t to say they don’t work with smaller companies as they do, just not startups. If you are looking for a quick SEO fix and something under $500 or $600, they probably are not going to be the right fit for you. The great thing is that if they can’t help you at your current stage, then they will do there best to give you a good referral to who can help that will be good. You can see why I am a fan. Check out some of there videos on their Youtube channel.

The are geared up for people who are stuck on page 2 or worse for really tough and competitive keywords. This is where their training kicks in and they can help you get to page 1 for high dollar keywords that will bring in good revenue for your business. Mapping out a plan to get you a positive ROI is part of what they do. Again, if they can’t help you get a good looking ROI, then they will be honest and let you know. Sometimes  people have them rank what they want anyway, but at least they know what they are getting into ahead of time.

Where it becomes hard to give a positive ROI is in food services where the profit margins are low, or where customer values are low like in a nick nack store. On the opposite end a plastic surgeon’s client value will be immensely higher and easy to show a great ROI based on simple traffic numbers.

I will say there are times when they will take on a smaller client for paying referrals  in return. Basically they will rank a keyword of your choice for free if you refer them (X) amount of clients (client referral numbers are based upon difficulty of keyword). Matt and Seth both agree that referrals are the name of the game. They want you to feel good about referring someone and profit as well. Win win.

So if you live in the Portland Oregon area and would like to learn more, you can visit them at:

I will also include one of their main video’s below so that you can learn a little more about what they do below:

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